As women, we need outlets! We need to tap into that deep delicious place every once in awhile, right?  When we allow ourselves these "time outs" we actually reset our brains, for the better.  When engaging in pleasurable activities our brains release the hormone oxytocin, that feel good sensation pulses throughout our bodies and we smile.  When we women smile, guess what happens?  The world becomes a better F*cking place!  So give into yourself, help make the world a better place, everyone around will take note, and love you more for it.  

Here are five quick easy ways to indulge:

1. Watch Aimless TV. Bravo for example, ‘it's so bad it's good’. Taking 20 minutes to zone out and let your super productive mind chew on few minutes of, "Housewives" is just as good as an apple a day.


2. Have an orgasm, release your inner pleasure bomb while also releasing a heavy dose of the feel good hormones to move you through the long day of conference calls and emails.


3. Take a bath, fill the tub, pour in some epson salts/bubbles and take a 20 minute bath or better yet stay in the water until it cools down completely. Being in water is proven to lower stress.


4. Take the afternoon off and go to the movie theater [suspend your judgement] bring a snack from home and lose yourself in a story.  Allow your mind to wander in the adventure; how will the character prevail?  Let your mind enjoy it!!


5. Bite into 76% dark chocolate - now I didn't say the whole bar- just a piece- one square is enough. Yum, get some of those healthy well deserved antioxidants – good for the brain, good for the body.

All five of these activities will give you a boost. All of them serve a purpose working on our central nervous center - giving our brains a break.  Any guilt that you carry around with you will equal a lack of your happiness and satisfaction, which equals less money and less time, get where I'm going here... ultimately you living a less meaningful life. These are proven guilty pleasures that have worked with hundreds of my clients.

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