How are you doing? It was a challenging February, my best friend of 17 years passed... have you ever gone through this? 


I had no idea how deep this loss would be, my furry mate, Jackson was the longest relationship I'd had... he knew everything.  Now, who am I going to tell all my secrets and dreams?  You?  Maybe I will, keep reading.

Since last June I've been on a quest to better my tiny slice of the world, this included my business (how I was making an impact on my client's lives), my prosperity, my health (the chronic icepick pain, the cycyle of depression, tummy issues, and anxiety), but it also included my family relations, (aka marriage) and all of my personal relations (friends, business colleagues, the mailman, the woman who works the cosmetic counter at Walgreen's, even those who walk their barking dogs at lunch in front of my house).  Last year when I was at World Domination Summit I sent out a prayer, and said, "Universe I need help." 

Do you believe in the Universe answering your prayers?  I do.  Here's a little of what came of that prayer.

I had been introduced to the magical world of PrimeMyBody through an amazing business colleague and wellness coach, Nicole Keating. I wasn't confident about the company, especially because of it being a Network Marketing Company, which means some kind of pyramid thing that never works.  The cool thing about Nicole is that she was steadfast in her belief about the company, she never sold me the product, only sampled it to me and told me to do the research on the Endocannabinoid System.  I could barely say the word, let alone know what the heck she was talking about.  It was crazy, me the long-term biohacker had NEVER heard of this system, how was this possible?    

That seems like forever ago, because now I am knee deep into studies on Cannabinoids, this incredible network of cell receptors that communicate via chemical signals throughout the body, how we can upregulate our genes, and even how these molecules can help someone with an opioid addiction feel supported and dose off of their pain medication.  YES, I'm learning A LOT.  Study after study support these Phytocannabinoid Diols AKA Hemp Oil.  These studies lead to success, health, and happiness. 

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When I sent that prayer up last year I had been struggling not only with that chronic pain, but there was also a deep sense of loneliness and disconnection from my peers and, well, let's be honest here, humanity!  One of the greatest gifts and what has been revealed to me through becoming a part-time- some-time-work-when-I-can affiliate with PrimeMyBody is that it has brought me back into living.  It has touched me with a tribe of people who are here to help the planet.  They care deeply -- like I do about what is happening to people's health, relationships, and their bank account.  

I just had no idea that becoming an affiliate would offer me such an opportunity to connect and help so many people, people I don't even know. (But now I do!)  I was able to spend some time with a chiropractor today, a new affiliate, we were setting up his new side-part-time, do when he can business.  As we were setting it up he stopped, looked at me straight in the eye and said, "Lane thank you for doing this for me, I know this helps so many people, and without you, I wouldn't have known, thank you." Then he gave me a hug. It was awesome. Connection. Change. Relationship.  All I did was show up and share the product, I never sold it to him.  I am not a salesperson, forget it, I'd starve if I sold cars, or computers, or even jeans!  I'm so grateful that I don't have to sell this product or the opportunity, the business adventure, it sells itself.  I simply just show up and ask Who I'm going to help today?  

So much has happened over these past six months in my adventure with Hemp Oil and PrimeMyBody.  If you want to learn more reach out to me, I love sharing this company and what we are all doing.

I want to share a couple of my favorite studies and a few articles on how this incredible Endocannabinoid System works.  Maybe you too want to learn more...

As I continue down the rabbit hole of research and sharing I'll keep you posted, next up I'll be talking about how we can clean up the detox pathways and change our genes...  Stay tuned.

So let me ask you this, "What have you been sending up to the Universe? Need some help manifesting it?  

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