My news for this week is… well, my neck is still messed up, good news is that I’m going to a specialist on Wednesday (wish me luck) and oh, my second dentist appointment that I had to go to wasn’t nearly as bad as the first. I attribute this to using my headspace app! Have you tried headspace, yet? It's easy to use and so so easy to get to that happy place.

I never use to get to stressed about being at the dentist, something happened after I gave birth to my son, Adrian. Well, let’s face it a lot happened after his birth, I was no longer able to take boat rides, climb to great heights, or eat rare meat, oh and my perfect 20/20 vision went out the window as well! (I have to use glasses to see two feet in front of me.) Why am I sharing this with you?

Because.  We all change. Life changes, and it usually changes without any formal notice or even a casual invite. No, it (life) suddenly changes, it’s (just) different. There have been times when I’m okay with the change, like going from a perfect size six to an eight after having my son, I needed the weight. For the most part, I have struggled with change. Actually, I kick and scream about it on the inside and try to fight it off until I’m literally beaten into submission. (Like the time when the new CFO told me I was no longer needed and to sit down and shut-up! Humiliating. Or when I couldn’t stop eating Snickers Bars and then felt like the world was going to end!)

Change is monumental in moving our lives forward.

In the past two weeks I’ve had several conversations with people about becoming BulletProof, why they want to and what’s important about living in a state of high performance. I know for me it’s simple, here’s my reason: “I’M HAPPIER!” (And when I’m happier the world around me is happier. Win Win!)  So let me ask you this... 

Are you happy today? Could you be happier? I ask this question to everyone I speak with these days. I think they might be getting annoyed with me, but that’s ok, because for me when I poke someone with this question they have to recognize or ignore the obvious… Either you’re happy, or not… You’re either working at a 10 or you’re below…

AND yes, it’s okay to be a 5 / 6 / 2 / 7 / 9 -- this simply means you have room for improvement… get it? It’s okay to be at a 3 when you wake up with the kids pulling your hair, take a moment on the toilet, say a small prayer and emerge at a six! Great -- still room to improve. Upleveling your life and becoming more bulletproof is a simple choice, and I’ll share it with you, it’s an easy decision.

  1. Happy people earn more money.

  2. Happy people contribute more time to others.

  3. Happy people create (more) happier relationships.

  4. Happy people have stronger immune systems.

  5. Happy people have greater influence with positive effect.

Let's get happy!  

Want more happiness in your life? I’m scheduling free 20 minutes Bulletproof Coaching Sessions if you’d like to find out how I can help you uplevel your life and become HAPPIER!

Bulletproof is not just not about the coffee, it’s a lifestyle.