All things are Possible!

The only things we have absolute control in life are our feelings, behaviors and our own thoughts, (and honestly at times I don’t even think I have control of those!). Everything else is beyond our control. Even mentally strong people know that. As a mentally strong individual, you must find your center by learning about, and improving your patterns. The way you think, feel and act are all considered automatic and by doing these in a systematic manner, success can follow. This is the very reason why you, as a woman must grow a stronger mind.

You’re a go-getter, right? Do what you can to get ahead.

Let’s look at science and find ways on how you can become mentally stronger. By learning how to be aware and improve things that you can control - thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns, you can grow much happier and mentally healthier.

1. Have a purpose

Figure out the reason why you are thinking, feeling and acting a specific way. A journal can assist you in identifying aspects of yourself and assist you in your self- understanding. You may flinch from time to time because there are certain aspects of yourself that you don't like but if you do not acknowledge these then you won't have the full ability of controlling your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the long run. Self-understanding is the key. 

2. Understand Your Emotions

Are you an intentional and rational thinker? Is there an overly emotional side in you? If yes, then it is very important to explore this. Your emotions shape your behavior, thoughts and actions in ways that you don’t even realize... By learning the pattern that is considered unhealthy, you can manage and control your emotions better. Understanding emotions is the first step to take to grow a stronger mind. I just recently realized that I have to work on this when it comes to parenting… Oh my! 


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3. Love Yourself

Mentally strong people love themselves. If you want to become one, listen to your emotions and validate and love yourself so that you can be capable of empathizing, and loving yourself. Take the time to care for your well being. Know that if you put yourself first, you can control your thoughts, feelings, actions and behavioral patterns which result to the success that you have been meaning to obtain.

4. Be True To Yourself

There's no other person you should be, aside from you yourself. Let people in on your life, let them know who you are, because in the end you can help them by simply being who you are. Be aware of your needs and goals and the challenges that come with them. Keep your relationships with people on a high pedestal because it’s these relationships that will support you in the end. These are the people who are aware of your personal challenges, and they can help you get through those crazy times! These are the people you will grow close with through the years, and treasure. You can find out who these significant people are in your life are by just staying true to yourself. 

5. Only You Can Live Your Own Life

As a confident individual, know that what is best for you is... what your inner calling desires. I know that may sound like a bunch of “magical thinking” but in all honesty, when working with thousands of entrepreneurs it always comes back to the individual's needs… and fulfilling them. Listen to others for advice and consider their perspectives, but in the end, you have to make your own choices. Taking a time out to listen to your inner voice is key in growing in your business and life!

6. Commit

Commit to your mission and vision, your purpose! For instance, if you want to grow a stronger mind, research on strategies and make plans to improve your behavioral patterns. Devote yourself to weekly activities such as meditating, writing on a journal and attending seminars on the matter. I give you total permission to be the best you. Commit!


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