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What's in Your Bag?

What's in Your Bag?

Are you prepared every moment of the day?

As a biohacker, mother, wife, coach, friend, and mentor, I have to be prepared, I never know what's coming my way.  Today I'm sharing my top lifesavers that I carry with me everywhere I go and I definitely don't leave home without.

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  1. FIRST my bag. I'm not a shoulder bag woman, I have several, really nice bags, that can carry a small kitchen in them but I don't… A couple of years ago I got a large Guillard, it's beautiful but sits in my closet… when I carry that bag, too much stuff ends up in and my neck hurts. I've changed that by using A FANNY PACK. That's right, if it doesn't fit in, it's out and not important.

  2. Charcoal… just in case I am tempted to eat something that is not quite right… such as airport food….

  3. Lipliner, lipstick, and chapstick. Doesn't matter what I'm wearing if I have my lips done, I can be wearing sweatpants and meet the President, well an ex-president and be perfectly content, and know that I look amazing!

  4. Call me old fashion, but I still have business cards with me. I know everyone has a smartphone, and it's easy to "plug in your digits" to someone else's phone -- BUT there is something about handing someone a card, where they touch it and read it, that tactile experience changes the brain's activity. I'm more likely to be remembered, and that's what I want… don't you?

  5. Tweezers. Every woman should carry tweezers. I cant' tell you how many women I see walking around with a rogue hair on her eyebrow or chin… and yes I've been a victim of the wild hair… hormone fluctuations can be a total B*tch…

  6. Stress relief in a bottle. Yep, every day all day I carry my bottle of HEMP, pure and simple I don't want to be caught without it. Traffic in San Francisco, with it's entitled, stupid, Uber drivers who suddenly stop in the middle of the small street… to pick someone up or do a drop off…. Is enough to make any woman crazy. (Well it makes me crazy.) A few pumps here and there… instant relief and a smile.

Those are my top items that hang out with me every day, all day, grab a bottle or a set of tweezers, order your new business cards, and take a load off your shoulders.  This holiday season is here and we, together have to thrive, let's do it lightly and with a wonderfully stressfree smile!   

I just got back from a HEMP conference and posted about it over in the Upgraded Hemp Group.  Find out more. 

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