Perhaps you’re not quite sure what I do, you’ve read the raves and watched the videos of how my past clients lives have transformed and changed as a result of working with me but you’re still questioning, “Well, what is it that you do Lane? And why should I hire you?

Bulletproof Coaching in Bullet points:

Guidance with health and wellness issues that will transform your daily life:

  • Fatigue -- Gain more energy

  • Weight loss -- Do away with that extra muffin top

  • Eliminate Brain fog -- Acquire clear thinking

  • Overly stressed  -- Increase stability

  • Daily overwhelm -- Strengthen your mental agility

  • Chronic pain -- Gain mobility

  • Adult acne -- Clear skin

  • Go from “I don’t give a sh*t” -- I love my life!

  • Restless nights -- Start sleeping soundly

  • Moodiness and Agitation -- Attain happiness and fulfilment

  • Hot flashes -- Reduce

{ Let’s for a moment forget that I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years and have coached 100s of women with creating, developing and running successful businesses.  Let’s forget that I’ve consulted with some of the top fashion companies in the world, oh and let’s forget that I’ve had my own businesses too.  I’m going to put all of this into one place and I’m simply naming it research, twenty plus years investigating human potential, and failure. Far past the 10,000 hours required to be an expert according to Malcolm Gladwell’s writing in Outliers which is based on the painstaking research of Aders Ericcson’s deliberate practice.  

what is a bulletproof coach with lane kennedy

Let’s also forget that I’ve lived the past twenty years investigating and hacking my own biology coming to the other side of feeling, not quite right.  I’ve discovered alternative solutions to losing weight, hypothyroidism, horrible debilitating mood swings, my skin turning yellow, hair falling out, hormonal imbalances, inflammation and chronic pain. Yep, that’s only a partial list of my symptoms, being on the other side of all of that is pure relief! }

Now I'll go back to your original question, what is it that I do?

Being a biohacker, aka someone who doesn’t necessarily agree or follow the advice of conventional medicine or a  doctor telling me that I’m fine and that all I have to do, or should do is take these pills  for the rest of my life to fix my debilitating pain… (or any of the above symptoms).  NO.  I investigate, question, research, and TEST.  I’ve been testing for twenty years, reading lab test (blood) reviewing numbers and tweaking my habits, and lifestyle for a long time, (according to the Ericcson’s deliberate practice, I’m an official pro).  This allows me to have an edge, or if you like a deep understanding of the body when something is not quite right.  I LISTEN!

I LISTEN to you.  I listen to your symptoms and guide you to find a protocol with the help of a functional doctor, and if you can’t find a doctor near you we will find an alternative.  I am not a doctor, nor do I treat you as a “patient” I will not diagnose you.

I GUIDE you to find Presence.  A state that reveals the truth of what needs to be addressed, first, second and last.  Presence is a deep place of truth.  

I TEACH you how to practice Presence.  In order to kick more ass everyday, and make clear-headed decisions you really need to be focused.  Clear minded.  Creating a regular practice allows a deeper, fulfilled life.

I SHARE with you a practical sustainable healthy life.  Living without stress, brain fog, an extra 15 pounds and overwhelm propels you towards a sense of purpose and happiness.

My job as a Bulletproof Coach is to guide, teach, share and listen to you. We uncover and find what is holding you back from a greater sense of health and happiness.  

Now does it make sense?

Now, do you understand what I do?  I provide you an individualized plan of action that is reasonable and easy so you can get out in your world and crush it… however that may look.

Ready to begin?  Let’s start!


Want more of this in your life?

  • More energy

  • Do away with that extra muffin top

  • More resilient

  • Clear thinking

  • Increased mental stability

  • Stronger mental agility

  • Greater mobility

  • Clear skin

  • Go from “I don’t give a sh*t” -- I love my life!

  • Sleeping soundly

  • No more aches and pains

  • Happy, Fulfilled and on Fire for your life!

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-- WIth all the years of my experience it would be remiss of me not to include that all of my clients also GAIN Insights within these areas as well:

Personal relationships

Business strategy

Business development

Family organization

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