I just got the f*ck out of the entrepreneurial space after 20 years of success and failure and can't thank Dave Asprey enough.

Being an entrepreneur for more than two decades, meant networking my ass off and working my hours {usually 8 to 12 hours a day}, making a lot of money, not making any money, hustling 24/7, and dreaming up great ideas. I also lived with this mentality, “I’m doing exactly what I want, I love it, this is my company.” It also meant networking with amazing people {also some jackasses}, hiring great people, answering tough questions, closing down businesses, and shutting out the lights for the last time on a final day. It has been me sending emails to long-standing clients, saying, farewell. It was also about living a lifestyle of my own making.  My entrepreneurial life has been about networking from co-working spaces, {anywhere in the world}, working from a cool office that I happened to design and say that I was proud to work there every day. Oh and it also meant being able to vacation anywhere in the world.

Throughout these twenty-plus years, I've met incredible people who have inspired me to live differently, treated me with great respect and supplied loads of generosity. But wait, hang on there's also the other side of the business with a different set of business contacts. Those who are are selfish, egomaniacs, they use curse words as adjectives and nouns at any given time. Yes, we can also be abrasive, candid and aloof at times.  Being an entrepreneur means meeting and working with many different types of people, and I’ve had the great honor to meet and run into many.  

The entrepreneurial landscape as I walked it has been for the most part exciting, rewarding, stimulating, and inspiring.

I hope I've painted a decent picture of my entrepreneurial landscape. What I've neglected to share with you, up to this point is that this lifestyle can be be rough and beat you up, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. {It’s hard on the central nervous system!} When I carefully review my career from the beginning, I recall the push to stay out late, gather with like-minded people, drink far too many cocktails, and second glasses of wine, which turned into all night escapades that would land me in someone else's bed only to escape at the break of dawn. Entrepreneurship drove me to want more, do more, and push myself to limits I didn't know I had. Now wait, I'm not saying in any way that this lifestyle is wrong or good for that matter, it's simply my experience these are the fast facts of my life as I lived it.

The entrepreneurial life provided me opportunity. Opportunity to explore differences, test ideas, learn new methods, share more ideas, find greater meaning. It allowed me to sleep in, and eat what I wanted to at outrageously expensive establishments. It also honed my skills of truth-telling, and my bull-shittery meter was turned on and fine tuned. Being an entrepreneur gave me more than I ever imagined.

What I never expected from being an entrepreneur was isolation and loneliness. {This eventually caught up to me.} Not everyone has understood my sincere desire to work all night, hustle sales, line up investors, and work on wireframes that were unrealistic. They never quite understood email funnels or what I got out of working on perfecting an email sequence until my eyes were crossed and it was past 2am. {I love this stuff!} Not everyone wanted to support another great idea; not everyone had the patience or time I had to see a project to completion.

Yes being an entrepreneur takes commitment, it's a full-time job. It's dedication to an eternity of "I don't know" and all the uncertainties of life.

Nothing is for sure when you're an entrepreneur, nothing.

  • Sales today? I don't know, maybe.
  • Client today? I don't know, maybe.
  • Customer acquisition? I don't know, maybe.
  • Can I pay myself today? I don't know, maybe.
  • Can I pay my staff today? I don't know.
  • Can I book a vacation? I don't know.
  • Can I pay my mortgage? I don’t know.
  • The iconic land of elusive consistency

For years I thrived with the unknown, until that day when it stopped working. It was no longer satisfying to live on the razor's edge of hustling, Gary V you can have it all. Not residing in the hustle every minute stop feeding me as it had in the past. Suddenly I felt like I was suffocating. I was dying, and there wasn't enough oxygen in my room, house or the world to sustain me.

I had no desire to coach another budding entrepreneur; I didn't want to consult with another startup business or be a COO of another company or firm. {No more reorganizing broken companies.} I wanted nothing of this entrepreneur world and didn't know how to get out of it. Out of complete desperation, I found myself listening to podcasts. {Enter Dave Asprey.}

I was tired. No, wait, not tired, plain ol' freaking exhausted. Add in my two-year-old, working 60 hours at my start up, jeesh, I felt like I had aged twenty years in a matter of seconds. Within two months of that moment {of not having enough oxygen}, my faculties seemed to be backfiring, once again. So what does any smart, ambitious sleep deprived woman do? She turns to her good old friend, Google.

I Googled:

  • How to feel good again.
  • How to get more sleep.
  • How to lose weight.
  • How to deal with brain fog.
  • How to have to fun with my kid.
  • How to had to have sex again.

Google revealed something or someone. Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey and Tim Noakes hacking fatigue number 3 there was also Dr. Terry Wahls Minding my mitochondria number 27. I tuned in and listened. I had nothing to lose and time to use. I wanted to rid myself of the anxiety of not being satisfied with the direction of my life. My identity of being an entrepreneur was slipping away, and I didn't know how to deal with it let alone my aching body.

I took off for my daily walk in the Presidio, there were days of Silence, but as soon as I discovered Dave, the silence was interrupted. He and his guests shared about health concerns and wellness that not only had I struggled with for the past 20 years, but he and his guest talked openly about struggles, the same debilitating struggles I had been dealing with as an entrepreneur.

Up to that point I had been quietly hacking my health and living differently since 1996, but it was never a winning opening dinner conversation. People looked at me differently, I might as well have had three eyes if I mention bioidentical hormones or that I was hacking against the modern doctors prescription.

Dave and his guest gave me a conversation to relate too; it was real. His passion to expose his tribulations and journey was an opening to the next phase of my development; I realized I had a new obsession. I was staying at the Heathman Hotel in Portland for another year of WDS. In the middle of the night, I sat straight up and became aware of my curiosity my intrigue, my desire to understand this Wellness path more deeply. I was alive again! There was a lingering or somewhat similar feeling of what I had experienced at certain times with entrepreneurship, but it wasn't quite the same. I felt a pull, a deep commitment to sharing more openly like Dave had been doing. I broke my long-term anonymity. I came out of the health hacking closet and started telling people about my story. As I was doing this the picture of my life changed. I began to feel happy again, I was sleeping, and I was hacking my happiness while I shared my wellness path, wholeheartedly. My life was transforming again.

Becoming a Certified Bulletproof Coach was truly the only next step. Some will say I've drunk the Bulletproof Kool-Aid, while others have no idea what I'm talking about all. It doesn't matter.


What matters is that I genuinely believe we each have a unique set of genes and each of us treats our bodies differently, {and this is where it gets interesting} our DNA reacts, epigenetic comes into play, and symptoms begin to presents. This is why I'm a Bulletproof Coach, understanding this is key. EVERY PERSON IS UNIQUE! EVERY Symptom is unique to that person. Yes YOU. You are unique.

There are so many symptoms that most doctors will treat you with a "Your fine," or take this drug, write the script, say goodbye, then charge your insurance an outrageous amount of money, then guess what? You still feel like crap! The symptoms are not fine; brain fog is not okay. Tiredness, anxiety, weight gain, insomnia, depression, it's all unacceptable. It is unacceptable to be walking around with gas and undigested food floating about into your bloodstream, adding a few extra pounds to your body which weaken your knees and heart. It's unacceptable to have insomnia and get only 3 or 4 hours of sleep at night, which then increases your cortisol levels that lead you to be a jackass to your partner for not getting you milk for your coffee. It's unacceptable to be on the brink of diabetes and not know how to handle it without drugs. It's unacceptable to be a Mom walking around with raging, unbalanced, crazy hormones, wanting to lock yourself in your bathroom, forever. It's unacceptable to be stressed out in an office drinking copious amounts of coffee to keep up with your workload. It's unacceptable not to know how to treat the symptoms of our bodies. All of these and more are signs of living in a culture where the medical care, the assistance we're receiving is not working anymore.

I've personally been broken, and have hacked myself back to health and happiness, thank God. My clients come to me with these exact situation, and together we create a unique individual life plan for a radical wellness path. {Radical only in the sense that you take control of your life and body!} Results are simple, "I feel fantastic," " I've lost 5 pounds, no actually it's 10 pounds my knees don't hurt anymore", "I'm not angry anymore I can handle my commute." There are hundreds and thousands of ambitious people out there looking to make changes from the inside out; I want to help you with that change. I want you to thrive and feel good in your body in an entirely different way. I want to help you find the answer that you're seeking from your board certified doctor. You are unique, and you deserve a plan, that works for you.

Ok, so this is why I thank Dave Asprey; this is why if I drank the Bulletproof Kool-aid it's okay. We deserve to feel better and have people care about each other. We matter. You matter. Your body is unique. Your mind is strong. This is why I got the fuck out of the entrepreneurial space, to help you be the best, most important part of your life, you matter. I'm here to help you find your presence, once you do that you'll start feeling better, and that's worth everything!

Want to live differently? Schedule a call, let's get you to better than before and thank Dave together.