Nourishment Bundle

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Nourishment Bundle


Everything you need to get started on the Upgraded Wellness Protocol.  

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Practical Clean Living a Lifestyle of Presence. Nurture your body. Make clear concise decisions that are like dominoes, always moving forward, never backward.

Practical Cleaning Living Nourishment gives you everything you need to stop aging in its tracks, boost good health, be more mindful, and live a more fulfilled life. Yes! You will wake up every morning, with a smile and say, “Heck, yes I’m ready!”


  • You've tried to figure out why you're just not "right", and have given up, several times.
  • You are tired of not feeling your best self.
  • You're moody, even when it's not that time of the month.
  • You've gained more than ten pounds and can't get it to come off, no matter what method you try.
  • You haven't had a good night sleep in weeks, months even years!
  • Your skin seems to be aging more quickly than you'd like to admit...
  • You are looking for a different approach to wellness.

My goal with the PCL 30 Days of Nourishment is to get you up to speed and feeling your best.  RESULTS!

  • Video // Main Presentation Lesson: Nourishment
  • Uncover what anti-nutrients are making you feel tired. Discover your personal kryptonite.
  • Included: 30 Day Practical Clean Living Ebook / Guide that will support every ounce of effort you put forth into your new lifestyle. All in one place with this beautiful, easy-to-read, easier-to-implement EBook.
  • I’m also going to throw in all of my favorite recipes, A Pantry of Healthy Recipes eBook with 125 mouth-watering easy to make clean, living love meals that I have carefully curated, revised, updated and eat on regular basis! 125 Practical Clean Living recipes that I've hacked and added more nutrients for your body, mind and aging skin.
  •  Practical Clean Living Pantry Guide - a clear and concise way to manage your groceries and pantry minus the stress.
  • For your skin and bones, I've also included the Bone Broth Guide that I use every week to make broth -- you can make it in less than 10 minutes a week.
  • Shoot, I'm also going to share my Practical Clean Living Smoothie Guide so you'll never have this question again, "How do I make a green smoothie not taste like dirt, but taste good?!"


Yep, that's right, Nourishment Bundle is full of Practical Life Changing Ideas that will improve your sleep, help you concentrate, remove brain fog, and upgrade your pantry to easy living.