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Everything you need to know lose inches, gain a mental boost and become the happiest person in the room!

Are you tired? Tired of being tired? Feeling a bit irritated at well, everyone? You're working far too much and can't understand why you're not sleeping anymore. You're brain is overwhelmed with urgency. If any of these are a YES, then keep reading this MEMBERSHIP is going to be a perfect fit for you.

The UPgraded Membership is broken down into different topics with video modules (lessons) of all of my Bulletproof Coaching practical ideas, recipes, and hacks for daily, easy-living. Think of these videos like your own private coaching session with me, personally sitting across from you guiding you the entire way! BUT WAIT... you also gain office hours and group coaching video calls and monthly workshops/classes about specific topics you want to know about!

Can You Relate? 

  • You're sick of not sleeping, and not waking up feeling like a rockstar!
  • You lack the motivation and determination in completing an important project -- you've let yourself down at least once in your life.
  • You've noticed your short fused with your kid(s), partner, and friends even after you've had me time!
  • You're tired of being sluggish and lazy even though you tell yourself everyday, "I'm going to work out tomorrow, no matter what!"
  • You're ready to not be a "witch" when your partner walks through the door at night.
  • You want more energy to do the things you love and be the person you know you are (in your head!).
  • You want to feel good in your skin again.
  • The tasteless daily meals have turned your digestion system into daily constipation.
  • Going to the grocery store is more than a chore it's a full blown anxiety attack.
  • You want to connect with me personally and begin a different Bulletproof approach.

Daily living isn't easy anymore, the struggle is real, and keeping it all together takes work! I'm committed to helping 100,000 people take back their lives and find their Presence! You're ready, right?

Here is some of what's included in the Upgraded Membership:

  • Video // Main Presentation Lesson: Nourishment
  • Uncover what anti-nutrients are making you feel tired. Discover your personal kryptonite.
  • 125 Practical Clean Living Pantry of recipes that I've hacked and added more nutrients for your body, mind and aging skin so you look amazing and feel like a rockstar!
  • Practical Clean Living Pantry Guide - a clear and concise way to manage your groceries and pantry minus the stress so you have more time to relax.
  • For your skin and bones I've also include the Bone Broth Guide that you can whip up in as little as 10 minutes, so you skin will look amazing and your bones will be strong!

How to Live Stress Free and Gain Resilience

  • Video // Main Presentation Lesson: Stress
  • The Resilience Supplement Guide so you can eliminate daily headaches and anxiety.
  • Resilience Roadblocks Workbook -- erase the stress forever.
  • Adrenal Health and Recovery + Guest Coach Talk

Mental Agility and Happiness

  • Video // Main Presentation Lesson: Happiness
  • Practical Clean Workbook to keep you up to date with your new lifestyle and values so you can stay present, healthy and vibrant in your life.
  • The Daily Cheat Sheet where we can make sure that we are staying on track with our new lifestyle.
  • + Guest Coach Talk

Restoration and Sleep

  • Video // Main Presentation Lesson: Restoration
  • Three guided meditations to help you find your State of Presence
  • Sleep Hacks


+ How to get anything you want in life and be HAPPY Workbook

+ Fix your body’s internal clocks to remedy insomnia, fatigue, and junk food cravings.

+ Save time searching google... and studies, rest assured that I've done the research!

+ Be part of a community of women like yourself who are committed to finding the truth for themselves while helping others.

+ Learn fascinating things about your microbiome, inflammation, and the root cause of common health conditions!

+ Plus so much more!


Your Instructor

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WELLNESS ADVISOR: Bulletproof Coach, Fearless Biohacker

As a trusted wellness coach and bad-ass biohacker, I will help you make your own positive changes to get on a path, up your level of thinking, upgrade your body and health, and live in a state of high performance - permanently. Don’t worry if you feel like the straw has already broken and you’re at your wit’s end. Trust me, I’ve been there - that feeling of utter hopelessness - but I fought hard, experimented, tried and tried again, and dug deeper than I ever thought possible to come up with bulletproof methods to show you that you can do it all! I will help you start SLEEPING TONIGHT!


 Frequently Asked Questions

When does the membership start and finish?

The membership starts now and ends when you want it too! It is a completely self-paced online membership- and has been created with great intention that you take action every week.

How long do I have access to the membership?

As long as you are active with your monthly membership fee you are allowed access.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 15 days and we will find a solution.

How do I schedule my session with you?

Once you register you will receive a welcome email with a link to my calendar where you will be able to schedule our session.

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